A Progressive Alternative to AA

A Comprehensive 12-week Support Program
• 12 private Weekly 1-on-1 sessions
• Plus daily Email check-ins

AA is not for everyone. But recovery is. Welcome to a lifelong journey to more vibrant health, soul-satisfying self-discovery, and sustainable well-being.

Attain, maintain, and enrich your sobriety as you gain insight into the patterns in your life that are getting in the way of being happy, feeling fulfilled, and living life authentically ‘you’—and truly alive.

I can help you let go of the past and what’s been holding you back. You’ll make healthier decisions, moment-by-moment, and build on your success.

We’ll focus on your strengths—not your shortcomings—as we craft and put into practice a trustworthy plan for navigating life’s inevitable curve balls.

You’ll feel empowered by your new choices and habits—with someone in your corner who believes in you, and is there with you every step of way.

Payment Plans available.