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A no-pressure, zero-obligation Exploratory call

In this free 20-minute phone or video call, you can determine if my coaching style, experience, credentials, and personality are a good fit for you.

We’ll talk about what your goals are, and how I may be able to help you achieve them. There’s zero pressure. Period.

INVESTMENT: No charge—just your time and energy.




A Powerfully Focused
90-Minute Coaching Session

Plus 1 Week of Daily Email Check-ins

Let’s get straight to the heart of what you want to create and what’s in the way.

This offering is for you if you want to dive deeper in determining if we’re a good fit. It’s also for you if you want help getting clarity about a single issue. Or, you may not be sure if a full coaching package is what you need right now. In any case, we’ll have the luxury of a full 90 minutes plus a week’s worth of daily connection to explore what’s most important to you and begin to create a transformative shift.

This offering may be all you need as a spring-board for your success. You’ll get deep listening, tailored-for-you support, feedback, guidance, and my whole-hearted investment in your success—whatever success looks like to you.



is ‘The New Sobriety’ for you?


Sobriety is not for everyone. 
If you aren’t alcohol-dependent, you can learn to enjoy alcohol mindfully. If your drinking is hindering you in any way, you can reinvent how you’re engaging with it in order to create more balance, resilience, well-being, and self-confidence.

If you're ready to start making the shifts necessary in order to live your life more authentically and with greater self-awareness and self-compassion, I can help you harness the inner and outer resources you’ll need.

We’ll tailor a heart-centered, strengths-focused program that will equip you with the daily wellness practices and mindset tools that will serve as a solid foundation for more authentic happiness. Together, it is possible. We can start now.

Payment Plans available.


A Progressive Alternative to AA

A Comprehensive 12-week Support Program
• 12 private Weekly 1-on-1 sessions
• Plus daily Email check-ins

AA is not for everyone. But recovery is. Welcome to a lifelong journey to more vibrant health, soul-satisfying self-discovery, and sustainable well-being.

Attain, maintain, and enrich your sobriety as you gain insight into the patterns in your life that are getting in the way of being happy, feeling fulfilled, and living life authentically ‘you’—and truly alive.

I can help you let go of the past and what’s been holding you back. You’ll make healthier decisions, moment-by-moment, and build on your success.

We’ll focus on your strengths—not your shortcomings—as we craft and put into practice a trustworthy plan for navigating life’s inevitable curve balls.

You’ll feel empowered by your new choices and habits—with someone in your corner who believes in you, and is there with you every step of way.

Payment Plans available.